12th Grade


Choose your career carefully because the 12th grade is a critical stage in your childs life. Building influencers will assist your youngster in reaching their maximum potential. You will be subjected to rigorous testing and exams to determine your childs genuine abilities. These examinations are so detailed that you can make the finest job choice possible.

750 10th Grade
790 12th Grade
740 Graduation/Post Graduation
768 Professional

12th Grade

We help you in building a solid resume so you can apply to institutions all over the world. Additionally, we help you get extra credit in your field of study courses and prepare for entrance exams. We also support you in determining your interests and acquiring the abilities required to advance in your career.

  • Assess aptitude and general knowledge to understand the interest
  • Preparing you for entrance exams
  • Helping you build a better resume
  • Help you plan extra-curricular and curricular activities for extra credit
  • Helping you apply abroad for higher education
  • Helping you choose interests and skills to enhance your profile early.



Helps you to get jobs

We support college graduates in finding their ideal jobs.

Helps you prepare for entrance exams

We assist you in getting ready to crack entrance exams necessary to study abroad or earn a master's degree from India's elite universities.

Help you prepare a good profile for abroad Study.

We assist students in selecting the best University to study abroad and apply to
universities worldwide.

Help you ace interviews.

We help young people get through employment, university selection, and government job

Help you gain employable skills.

We assist students in identifying their interests and learning preferences, so they can
develop employable skills that can help them learn new employable skills.

Help your network on LinkedIn.

We will assist you in creating a network on LinkedIn so that you can use it to find
business leads or employment.



After earning a college degree, you have many options, even if you wish to change
careers. Understanding your interests and concentrating on developing your talents to
land your dream career are both possible with Building Influencers.

If you wish to launch your own business after college, you can get a thorough evaluation
of your interests and find creative ways to turn your concepts into a marketable products.
Additionally, you can obtain market research and make plans.

We will evaluate your interests and make course and university suggestions that can
advance your career. We may also assist you in submitting applications to specific
universities and obtaining admission to the top college of your choice.

We can assist you with getting the employable skills you need, prepare you for written
and oral tests, help you network on LinkedIn, and prepare you for interviews.

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Each of us needs a clear direction in which we must put our efforts. We experience failure and low self-esteem when such clear guidelines are lacking. We shall be able to realize our full potential more quickly than is typical if the appropriate direction is given to us at the appropriate age.



I am a student of 11th std. Since I passed my 10th std with flying colors my parents told me to prepare for NEET exam or JEE. I had heard of physiotherapist as a career option but was in confusion whether it is a right choice for me or not, my brother suggested me to connect with a counsellor, therefore I started surfing on the internet for career counsellors in Jaipur, hence I saw Building Influencers in the list. Building Influencers has counsellors who are industry specialists and provide you directions for your choice of career. Completely satisfied with my choice!

Rohan Jammwal
Rohan Jammwal

Thank you so much for your Guidance. I was searching for the right career counsellor to guide me for my Career options after 12th PCM as I did not wanted to do Btech.

Kanika Agarwal
Kanika Agarwal