International students study and conduct research in Germany each year in excess of 25,000. Study programmes overseas and research opportunities are among the factors that attract them.

Why Study Germany

Students from India can also benefit from joining a highly qualified, international community in Germany by studying there. The English language is taught in more than 300 international degree programmes. It is possible to earn an internationally recognized Bachelor or Master degree or even a PHD degree in a variety of disciplines, including Engineering, Natural Science, Computer Science, Business and Economics. It is common for universities to charge low tuition fees because they are state-funded. Internships and research opportunities in industry are offered by many institutions of higher education in Germany to international students. It is a great starting point to explore other famous European destinations from Germany, since it is located in the heart of Europe. London and Paris are only a few hours away.



Business Administration and Economics

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Studying Engineering in Germany for Indian students has always been an attrac...

Computer Science Engineering

In Germany, Computer Sciences are one of the most desired fields of studies a...

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a technical process of elements and chemicals using k...

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering deals with the design and development process of physical a...

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering operates the study and application of Physics and Appl...

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering governs the design, analysis, manufacture and maintena...


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Career oppurtinities

Germany is the third most popular study destination among international students in the world. Study in Germany for Indian students is seen by them as the most deserved opportunity to study and work abroad. Germany as a country is an attractive place to study and German University degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide.

Students who study in Germany are allowed to work part time up to 20 hours a week. Students can earn around 500 – 600 euro per month. During vacations, students can work full time i.e.: 40 hours. Upon the completion of the course, students can have an 18 months Job Visa. After 5 years of working in Germany, one can apply for a Settlement Permit or European Right of Residence in order to stay in that country indefinitely. Internships are sometimes part of the course. As per the Blue Card Bill passed in 2012, international students in Germany also have an option of expressing interest for Permanent Residency.

Education System

International degree programmes are designed to attract international students. They are well structured and based on working in small groups and include intensive guidance. The language of instruction is mainly English. The range of study opportunities cover Bachelor's, Master's and PhD level. One will find full range of about 650 international degree programmes offered in various disciplines, especially in engineering, natural sciences, computer sciences, business, economics, arts, commerce , etc.