10th Grade

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The tenth standard is the first step in a childs professional decisions because it is when they must determine which stream to pursue. It is a critical year for children, and making a decision beneficial to the child is critical. After 10th grade, your child will be disoriented and wonder what stream to pursue, what job to pursue, what opportunities will be available, and how they will overcome the obstacles. There are various things to consider, but what is best for your child is always the most difficult. It would be best if you took your child to be evaluated for their talents, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential problems.

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740 Graduation/Post Graduation
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750 10th Grade

10th Grade

We help you in building a solid resume so you can apply to institutions all over the world. Additionally, we help you get extra credit in your field of study courses and prepare for entrance exams. We also support you in determining byour interests and acquiring the abilities required to advance in your.

  •  Assess aptitude and general knowledge to understand the interest
  •  Preparing you for entrance exams
  •  Helping you build a better resume
  •  Help you plan extra- curricular and curricular activities for extra credit
  •  Helping you apply abroad for higher education
  •  Helping you choose interests and skills to enhance your profile early.



Career resolution

Building Influencers help you choose a professional path with a scientific approach by
evaluating all of your child's critical and less critical characteristics.

Helps you select a stream

We assist you in making the right decision for your future career. Our evaluation
techniques consider total growth rather than just concentrating on outward

Help you improve your focus.

To achieve better in their sector, we assist students in identifying their interests and
concentrating on those in particular.

Help you learn faster.

Our commitment to learning skills and improving focus helps students learn the skill of
their choice faster.

Start early on your foreign education journey.

We assist students in creating a complete profile for early admission to universities
overseas and shortlist and apply to institutions worldwide.

Guide you through your career and help you successfully choose a career.

We assist students in selecting the courses that will prepare them for a successful career in their field of interest. We additionally help them prepare for entrance exams, develop marketable skills and help participate in extracurricular activities.



After the tenth grade, choosing a stream can be challenging; therefore, you should take several assessments to determine your interests. You should only choose a curriculum if you are certain it will help you reach your full potential.
You shouldn't choose a vocation based on its demand or just because it is well-liked. After tenth grade, you should seek consulting and concentrate on your interests to determine which vocation suits you.

Yes, you can start studying overseas whenever you like. To be admitted abroad, you must
show your abilities and credibility on your profile.

Yes, we will assist you in picking the ideal college for your academic needs and
preparing for your entrance exams.

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Each of us needs a clear direction in which we must put our efforts. We experience failure and low self-esteem when such clear guidelines are lacking. We shall be able to realize our full potential more quickly than is typical if the appropriate direction is given to us at the appropriate age.



I am very happy with the help and support I received from the  Building Influencers during the admission process as well as during the mock interviews for getting admissions abroad. I highly recommend them to students for their Consulting for studying abroad and other consulting services.

Parth Choudhary
Parth Choudhary

My son was very confused for which specialisation to choose after 10thstd. Building Influencers counselled him and us as parents for what should he choose and gave a career path to follow based on his interests and abilities.

Tanisha Mukherjee
Tanisha Mukherjee