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Building Influencers is a consultancy company that assists individuals in realizing their abilities and passions and converting their potential into a multifaceted profession. We assist people in realizing their potential as well as pursuing their aspirations. Our extensive programs are highly individualized and are designed to support each person individually through small, manageable adjustments. Our methods follow a scientific methodology, and instead of adopting a herd mentality, we put more emphasis on the exponential growth of each individual.


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Each of us needs a clear direction in which we must put our efforts. We experience failure and low self-esteem when such clear guidelines are lacking. We shall be able to realize our full potential more quickly than is typical if the appropriate direction is given to us at the appropriate age.



  Our study abroad package is an all-inclusive program to help students, from applying to Universities abroad to finding accommodations in the country all around the globe.

  Building influencers are not the typical career counselling centres where an age-old technique categorizes people into set careers. We opt for a more scientific approach which helps us assess each individual critically.

  We can help you by assessing your profile and suggesting a convenient job switch. We can also help you prepare for an exam or interview.

 You can get an early 10&12 consulting at Building influencers to understand your complete personality and interest. We can help you decide your career and even help you advance.

 No, it's not too late. Career counselling might require you to be young, but you can consult Building influencers at any age.

 Each of us needs a clear direction in which we must put our efforts. We experience failure and low self-esteem when such clear guidelines are lacking. We shall be able to realize our full potential more quickly than is typical if the appropriate direction is given to us at the appropriate age.


Success Stories



I’m a student currently pursuing BBA, I was confused about which career direction I should follow, because there was a lot of chaos in my family for different career options. I contacted Building Influencers for Career counseling, they understood my situation and helped by providing a career path and guiding me through.

Vaidehi Srivastava

I am a student of 11th std. Since I passed my 10th std with flying colors my parents told me to prepare for NEET exam or JEE. I had heard of physiotherapist as a career option but was in confusion whether it is a right choice for me or not, my brother suggested me to connect with a counsellor, therefore I started surfing on the internet for career counsellors in Jaipur, hence I saw Building Influencers in the list. Building Influencers has counsellors who are industry specialists and provide you directions for your choice of career. Completely satisfied with my choice!

Rohan Jammwal

I was preparing for UPSC exam since last 3 years after completing my graduation but couldn’t get through, I was disappointed and decided to choose some other field but was in a dilemma because of my profile and past experience. Somehow, I contacted Building Influencers, they guided me about the various career options available for me. Now I am in my final year of Masters in Public Policy and Governance from TISS Hyderabad.

Vinod Rathi

I was in my final year of graduation and decided to pursue my masters from abroad. I wanted a person who could guide me correctly for the courses and specialization to choose. My friend suggested me to contact Building Influencers for the same, they helped me from selecting the programme to getting my application filled and visa requirements.

Rishika Sharma

Thank you so much for your Guidance. I was searching for the right career counsellor to guide me for my Career options after 12th PCM as I did not wanted to do Btech.

Kanika Agarwal

I am very happy with the help and support I received from the  Building Influencers during the admission process as well as during the mock interviews for getting admissions abroad. I highly recommend them to students for their Consulting for studying abroad and other consulting services.

Parth Choudhary

the counsellor is very helpful and friendly. Really helped me and gave me really great feedback as to what I am supposed to do in the future thanks.

Vedant Agarwal

I was working as a Finance analyst in a reputed company but was not happy with my current role, I wanted a change in my career and hence, connected with Building Influencers. I found the career counselling session extremely helpful and have had great success in my career path since. I have enrolled to do a Masters in Human Resource Management at Monash university, Australia which starts in a few weeks. I have also started working in an HR Assistant role. I love my new job and am really excited about starting my course. It's great to finally have some direction in my career. I would strongly recommend a career counsellor to anyone who is unsure of what they want to do.

Priyanka Tripathi

Thanks for the career coaching session. I'm looking forward to following my path. I know I'm on the right one finally. Thank you Rishabh for this wonderful service. Sometimes we all need a little direction in life.

Pratik Sudershan

My son was very confused for which specialisation to choose after 10thstd. Building Influencers counselled him and us as parents for what should he choose and gave a career path to follow based on his interests and abilities.

Tanisha Mukherjee

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